Last Lutz Set

On September 30th, the Lutz Tavern is closing. I have many great memories that involve the Lutz. In college, it was the place to go to wind down and socialize after a long evening in the library. In the years after, it served as an informal reunion with friends and acquaintances. It’s a SE Portland institution, and whatever the economics, I’m sad to see it go.

I spent my last night in the Lutz last weekend, and, though they replaced the old Jukebox with one of those Internet things, I did my best to put on a set that included some old Lutz mainstays and some other songs that reminded me of the good days from college.

Last Lutz Set (10 songs):

  1. Patsy Cline – Walkin’ After Midnight
  2. Social Distortion – Ball & Chain
  3. Beastie Boys – Paul Revere
  4. Johnny Cash – Ring of Fire
  5. Jane’s Addiction – Been Caught Stealing
  6. Iron Butterfly – In-A-Godda-Da-Vida
  7. Cream – Sunshine of Your Love
  8. Billy Idol – Dancing With Myself
  9. Elvis Costello – Veronica
  10. Jim Croce – Bad, Bad Leroy Brown

Slow Bar 5/3

Metal/Hard Rock Set (Ten Songs):

  1. Judas Priest – Breaking the Law
  2. Danzig – Mother
  3. The Stooges – Search and Destroy
  4. Wolfmother – Colossal
  5. Electric Six – Nuclear War on the Dancefloor
  6. Metallica – Seek and Destroy
  7. AC/DC – Girls Got Rhythm
  8. Guns N’ Roses – My Michelle
  9. Motorhead – Ace of Spades
  10. The Reverend Horton Heat – Five O’ Ford

Punk Set (Four Songs):

  1. Fugazi – Waiting Room
  2. Pixies – Wave of Mutilation
  3. Agent Orange – Bloodstains
  4. Dead Kennedys – California Uber Alles